The purpose behind creating Divan Sahab was so we could provide desirable goods and goods in need of the audience by finding the gap in the market. We were able to do this by a lot of experience, this was essential because we need to know exactly what the audience needs. We took a longer time than others to focus on the customers needs for 3 years and we’ve reached a point where we have found a gap in the market. During the last 3 years we gained valuable experiencing selling on Amazon and we received great customer feedback to improve our service.

When starting Divan Sahab we were able to create a team full of determination and consistency. This helped us increase our sales and gain loyal customers. We aim on a certain range of products for instance bedroom, bathroom, children and more ranges will be added as we grow. We are always evolving to meet the needs of our customers and we can understand what products would be best suited to their requirements.

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Buy Furniture Online

You can now buy our home furniture items through our secure online shop. We stock items that are perfect for your bedroom, bathroom and living rooms. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Get Your Purchase Assembled

Larger items like wardrobes, storage units and bedside cabinets are eligible for home assembly. The couriers that deliver your item can help get it assembled, positioned and assist in cleaning up afterwards. This is a paid service that varies in price depending on travel and the item purchased. You can contact us or view our furniture assembly policy for more details.

Why Choose Divan Sahab?

As our aim is to provide the right right selection of products that our customers will find useful and enjoyable. We have a large group of teams that work behind Divan Sahab. It has taken us a while to create a team of positive, determined and helpful employees in our Sales and Customer Service departments.

Benefits We Provide

To meet our customer expectations, we offer next day delivery and on some items our team can assemble your purchase when it is delivered (for an additional fee). This makes us unique because we aren’t like the high street stores who simply sell furniture. Our team love to go the extra mile by delivering your product to you and helping you to get it assembled and ready for home use.

Helping UK Families

Our furniture and service offering is beneficial for families who are struggling to get by that need good and reliable furniture for a reasonable price. Customers who struggle to assemble furniture and need a helping hand can rely on our team to help them. This can save money and hassle of trying to find a handyman or asking friends or relatives.

24/7 Support

This is beneficial for the customers as they get quick replies and we keep our customer as our priority. Therefore, 24/7 customer service helps us keep connecting to our customers and we are able to provide a solution to the customers issues as soon as possible. Our products are made in China, the purpose behind this is we want to provide long lasting products to our customers.

To provide easy and consistent services to the customers we have split our team into groups, which are made according to the employees specialties. This helps us provide an easy solution for customers enquiries and support. This motivates our employees to be determined in the field they are specialised and trained in as they gain more experience and this also helps us keep our customers as our priority.